Think big. Dream Big. Do Big. Action is Key!

Thinking big and dreaming big are important, but not just thinking and dreaming big, actually waking up and doing big so you can achieve and obtain those big things.  Every person has a powerful story inside of them and is filled with dreams, ideas, goals, and visions, but very few actually take action so that they can experience the things they are thinking about and dreaming about.  This used to be me – being a creative person and an entrepreneur at heart, I spent many years dreaming, but I was always one foot in and one foot out. I had this belief embedded in me that things had to be a certain way and you have to wait for the right time only to one day wake up and realize I had given fear way too much power. Fear was completely controlling me and holding me back. Make Fear Your Friend. I’m sure you can relate as we all fight fear at some point.  This is something that happens to most people, if not all, and I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again it wasn’t until rec
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